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Free delivery on all purchases over $100 /
365 day returns / Safety certified

Free delivery on ALL Purchases over $100 /
365 day returns / Safety certified


Here we go again: by 2nd time Mum...

It has been 3+ years since I last looked into setting up for my baby boy. In that time so much has changed. I don’t know if that’s because when I was a first time Mum, I was in my nesting phase after about 12 weeks and wanted to get everything purchased and set up my baby room months ahead of baby’s arrival, or if it is because a lot has changed in the baby products market in the last three years, there seems to be a massive selection available in the US/Europe for every different type of item, albeit the selection in Australasia pales in comparison.

My son will be 4 when baby no#2 arrives and with such a big age gap I have already donated or lent to friends and family most of my sons baby gear. Having a different gender this time around is also a great excuse for more shopping.

My experience from buying in both Australia and NZ is that any retail item to do with babies and children seems to be excessively expensive compared to what is available overseas. There are also limited brand options and the one time I made a purchase from Amazon and used drop ship + the unexpected GST / customs duty to ship to New Zealand… It ended up costing me more than buying from my local baby store!

I have been one of a few of the All Set for Baby “friendly mums squad,” trialing the new service and I am hugely excited about the service because it opens up a lot of options to brands from overseas that are not available in NZ combined with holding stock in both NZ and Australia.
In addition the ASFB team have signed on several home grown Aussie & NZ brands too. From the first few glimpses I have seen of the site, the team have put a lot of thought in providing short Video product demonstrations and customer reviews so I am able to be reassured that what I think I am purchasing is exactly what I want.

Now I just have to put my order in and wait for the courier to bring me all of my goodies to set up the babies room! Yes still prior to xmas but at least I’ve been a little more patient this time around :)

By #2nd Time Mum

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